April 22, 2012


It has been awhile since I went shopping especially on Queen West. So, after church I headed downtown to meet up with Pothik, Dinky & Donna for some much needed shopping day. Today was just so beautiful. We went to the must-stores: Charlies and Love of Mine. I wasn't able to drop by Bicyclette. But I did however, fall in love with the Eve Gravel dress at Charlies. Still contemplating whether to drop $200 on it. But it would be perfect for my birthday. 

Our last stop was at Zara, with the first stroll around I didn't find anything. But, as I started to look at every piece. I decided to create an outfit. Voila. Still unsure if I'm keeping all of it. But I thought I would blog about an outfit you can put together under $150. The black & gold sandals are a steal for only $40. It's fab. I love the black detail of the shirt. And I'm in love with the snake-like watercolour print of the skirt. What is a girl to do? 

Yes! So much for shopping for my birthday dress. Instead, I got an outfit for the summer. :)

until then,

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