June 25, 2012


My hair. I'm embracing my waves/curls probably because I finally met a stylist that gave me tips on how to define the curls instead of just straightening it. I think my hair has reached the perfect length... where my curls can run wild and free. It seems like people seem to take notice when I was in France. Odd. But after I came back... everyone kept commenting on how long it's gotten and asked me what I did to it. Nothing. Nada. I just let it grow... it maybe the French connection. So what do I do to get this look? I usually air dry most of the time... but it seems like if I want to get the nice waves (see photo) I should really hair dry it but the only time I do that is when I'm about to go out and my hair is still wet.

I've used 2 products so far to enhanced my curls... currently I'm using this one from Kevin Murphy. It's doing it's job. So, I'm happy with it. It's much lighter than the one I used before. So, that's a plus. But both work the same way... I usually put a quarter-size on my palm of my hand and then just put it the wet hair and play around with it. Comb it. Then either I air dry it or just blow dry it. And then... I let nature takes it course. Then I straighten my bangs because my bangs is so out of control... and I also will look like a teenager if I don't. 

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